Secretary, R. D. 1, Charleroi, Pennsylvania 15022

Nearly 5,000 spectators enjoyed another successful show at Hooks
town Fair Grounds on September 23, 24, 1977 as our 21st annual
exhibition was presented. Reasonably good weather prevailed and
well-planned demonstrations were the order of both days.

Featured this year, was the Russell and Company line of
machinery. We were able to show four Russell engines, the 25 HP
belonging to Willis Abel, the 16 HP of Lester Lee’s, a 6 HP,
owned by Glenn Krofft, and Francis Young’s 6 HP portable. The
110 Case was back again and a by demonstrated on the fan, as usual.
Another newcomer, a Keystone backhoe excavator, powered by a White
motor of 4 cylinder design, was shown. Mention must be made again
of the appearance of Hezekiah, the woodcutting mule, who stole the
show during each of the parades with his rolling exhibition.

We can always depend upon our well-planned demonstrations to
attract the viewers. They include threshing and baling, sawmilling,
shingle-making, and flour and meal milling. And this year was no
exception. Two daily parades of all engines, tractors, antique cars
and trucks and horses still pleases the crowds. We have never shown
as many nice teams of horses and some mules than we had this time.
The Case models are always a popular item to show. Gas tractors and
engines were with us again in ever increasing numbers and several
antique cars and trucks appeared. Bill Burris arranged the Old
Fiddler’s Contest on Friday evening, the two stage shows and
square dance on Saturday. These events are always well received by
many persons and Bill deserves much credit for his efforts. Show
manager and announcer, Nello Mungai, and his assistant, Craig Kern,
had all features well planned and something going for the crowd
throughout each day.

As a result of the evident satisfaction that has arisen from
this year’s exhibition, plans are already advanced for even a
better one in 1978. Tentative arrangements call for a similar event
at Hookstown on September 22, 23, 1978.

The officers and directors of the Association want to express
their appreciation for all the help received and the continued
support received from the public. The Official Board consists of:
President, Lester Lee; Vice-President, Craig Kern; Treasurer,
Evelyn Crow; Secretary, Paul Crow. Directors are: Robert
Livingstone, Nick Weaver, Fred Fischer, Glenn Fullerton, David
McDonald, Vincent McKee, William Mungai, Norman Colby, and Sam

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