Kinzers, Pennsylvania

The weather was ideal and the attendance reached over 7,000,
many states, as well as Canada being represented. Activities were
Brake Test pulling on large air compressor: Tug of War between Case
65 and 40-60 Humely Oil Pull; Frick friction feed Saw Mill outfit
with 91/2x10 Portable Steam Engine for power;
J. H. Buyer’s Shingle Mill, powered by a Russell Traction. The
latter was a demonstration of real Interest.

The threshing demonstration began with real old time flailing
and then a one-horse tread power and small separator were used. Old
Prince, the horse whose picture appeared on the front cover of the
IRON-MEN ALBUM several issues back, again seemed to enjoy the
acclaim he received for treading the power. Next in line was the
sweep horse power outfit where an 1880 Fleetwood Thresher was
powered through the sweep of Elmer Lapp’s four fine Belgian
horses. These beauties took to the activities like old timers and
made a perfect demonstration. Many movies and photos were taken of
this activity. A hand feed demonstration, using a C-l Peerless
Thresher with hand feed, Kinzer Straw Stacker and short Bagger
powered by a 10 hp. Croton Steam Traction, was next in, line. Old
timers lined up and took turns feeding six sheaves each. The supply
of sheaves was exhausted before all had an opportunity to feed. The
final threshing was with a late style 28 inch Frick Thresher with
Hart Feeder, Wind Stacker and Hart weigher, this being powered by
various engines such as Frick D. C., Case 50, Peerless U 1 and
Rumely 40-60 Oil Pull.

Many small engines were on the hobby table where lubricated
steam was furnished by a Nagle steam portable.

A steam Merry-Go-Round, ingeniously made up from a sweep horse
power was of interest to children and the ladies. The Tractor
Train, however, still seemed to hold first place in popularity for
their entertainment.

In the cafeteria, which did a rushing business at meal times,
one man was heard to ask for a piece ‘of that Fly Swatter’
pie, meaning, of course, Shoo Fly pie.

On Thursday evening, August 20th, the regular annual business
meeting was held and motion pictures shown. Friday evening, more
pictures were shown and a band concert was presented by the
Salisbury Township High School Band.

The IRON-MEN ALBUM table was the scene of much activity, keeping
Chaplain Elmer on the jump most of the time.

The Reunion Committee of the Rough and Tumble Engineers
Historical Association wishes to thank every one for their generous
help and support throughout the entire event.

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