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Hi Everyone, surely hope you’ve had fun this summer touring
the Reunions. I unfortunately didn’t get to any, but the other
day Earlene and I did get up to Williams Grove (Pennsylvania) for a
little while to the first Reunion held there. They had quite a
wonderful exhibition for the first year, I thought. Look for the
write-up elsewhere in the ALBUM I know a lot more of you folks will
meet Elmer this year as he is away for a month hitting all the
Reunions he is able to, and we know he must be having a wonderful

Wanted to mention that a letter from W. Otis Mason of Augusta,
Georgia, he told me of a ‘Tweetsie’ Railroad that all steam
engine addicts should visit. The scenery is out of this world. The
railroad was first charted in 1866 as the Tennessee & Pacific
Railroad Co., but never was built except from Johnson City to
Boone. It was used until it became obsolete to haul freight and
passengers across the mountains. The present Carolina owners
purchased the rolling stock from Gene Autry and at stupendous
expense restored it, last year, to its present mountain setting
after building the most famous three miles east of the Rockies.
Many other attractions there also, incidentally this is between
Blowing Rock and Boone, North Carolina. But one of the things that
impressed me was the fact that on the ride you go over the trestle
into a gulch and look what happens the train is attacked by
Indians. Wouldn’t that be thrilling, especially to the kids.
Mr. Mason said to tell the kids to bring ‘six shooters’ to
help the train crew fight off the Indian attack. Sure hope to see
this some day myself (I’ll always be a kid at heart, you

Another letter recently from Has well Spivey, 210 Lillian St.,
Owosso, Michigan, urges the young folks to write and tell what type
of steam traction engine they would build if they could. He knows
they would find interest in working with steam as a hobby and also
be building the future Reunions. Not a bad idea, let’s hear
from you.

I want to tell you folks, I really do appreciate all your
letters and notes even if you don’t hear from me personally. It
makes us seem like old friends

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