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30-60 Aultman Taylor tractor pulling a grader at Pion-Era, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada in 1959. This is a beautiful tractor.
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Holy 7-3/4x9, 6 cyl. motor. 12 ft. Gahon heavy duty Dutt blade. Herbert Bloomer Cat Operator - John Hohenadel, Blade Operator.
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7 hp engine used to run my buzz-saw. I bought it from Roy Smith of Crestline. It was bought new by him in 1922 for $125. It's in very good shape except for a new paint job which I will give it this spring. Everyone tells me I was born 30 years too late si
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My old Chevrolet truck, 1928, 1-ton, which I restored last June to its original condition as well as possible. It was driven in the Centennial parade on July 4th here in my village and rolled on its original good-year tires. It was new in June 1928.
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