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The steam roller advances in crossing the highway and ''Steam gets the right-of-way''. The Keystone Cop is William Albrecht. David Clark is at the throttle.
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The Buffalo Steam Roller going to work. It's leaving Clark's Home to cross the Highway into the grounds on the Trading Post. Allan Pommer and Peter Thompson are the advance guards to help stop traffic on Route 3.
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Buffalo steam roller, 1920, working in front of Steam Fire Engine Museum at Clark's Trading Post, North Woodstock, New Hampshire. Courtesy of Roy R. Hart man, 32 Maryland Ave., S. E., Washington, D. C. 20028.
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William Albrecht, ''Keystone'' cop helps the Buffalo steam roller down New Hampshire, Route 3
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The Buffalo roller continues on into the Clark's Trading Post. The roller is of 1920 vintage. Courtesy of Roy R. Hartman, 32 Maryland Ave., S. E., Washington, D. C. 20028.

32 Maryland Ave., S. E. Washington, D. C. 20028.

North Woodstock, New Hampshire, home of Clark’s Trading Post
is a place everyone would enjoy. They are dedicated to the
preservation of early Americana, with a heavy concentration on

The following is representative of their many items related to
steam: Two truck Shay, 1920 Climax, 27 ton Heisler, 04-0 Porter
Switcher, 0-4-0 Switcher from the Lincoln Paper Company, Huber
steam tractor, three steam rollers, two steam pumper fire trucks,
steam shovels and many small items such as Stanley steamer

For a moderate admission fee, you may spend the better portion
of an enjoyable day reminiscing in a quaint, unique museum of early
cameras, record players, radios, New Hampshire souvenir plates,
moxie items and many other objects of early Americana.

By Spring, another museum will open. This will house steam fire
engines bringing back an era of nostalgia for many people.

The Clark Brothers, Edward and Murray, will entertain you with
one of the most pleasant examples of training animals through
kindness, with the performance of four of New Hampshire’s
native black bears.

Next, a mystifying building known to the local people as a
‘Haunted House’ will captivate you with its gravity defying

Most important on your visit is your opportunity to ride on the
train powered by one of their locomotives, going through a covered
bridge into the picturesque mountain scenery. On your return, stop
to admire the fine antique station.

This visit at Clark’s Trading Post will prove to be a real
highlight in your travels through the New England area.

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