A Homemade Steam Car

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Photo by Wm. J. French
William J. French's three-wheel steam mobile.

I am still interested in steam, even though I didn’t get to a show this summer. I like to get the magazine to read anyway.

I made a three-wheel homemade steam car and the reason for three wheels is the front wheel comes off and a hitch takes it’s place so it can be towed behind a car. I used a flue-less boiler and a 2-by-4 bore and stroke reversible engine driven by chain to a transmission then 2 V belts to rear wheel, using hydraulic brakes.

In parades it draws a lot of attraction and with the whistles I wake up the people now and then. And yet the old as well as the young will yell, “Blow them again.” That’s why I enjoy driving it in parades.

Last month I mounted a 20-inch buzz saw on it and now I pick up a few jobs buzzing wood, so you’ll see by the picture. The saw on it creates more work and shows the power of steam at the same time. I like to hear the exhaust of the engine. It’s like music to me. Maybe other fellows will try something after seeing this in the magazine, I hope.

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