Testimonials for Townsend Tractors

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Letters to Townsend Mfg. Co. in 1922 about Townsend tractors were good ones: “With
respect to the tractor I bought from you last summer, I am glad to
say that it is delivering the goods far beyond my expectations.
With this 10-20 tractor I’ve been known to plow 300 acres, tandem disk and
drill to wheat 150 acres, tandem disk and drill to oats 20
acres, and am now breaking prairie sod, pulling a four-disk plow
and harrow. The motor works perfectly in this climate. Uses cheap
fuel perfectly. … My grief has been little and my running expense
very light.”

Another letter praised the tractor and added, “One very
important feature of the tractor is the easy access to the working
parts, fuel line, clutch, valves, connecting rods, etc. Parts that
sometimes need attention, and they can be readily gotten at, will
not be neglected. … I consider the tractor good in the drawbar, and
when it comes to belt work, it has all of them beat.”

An early advertising proclaimed the Townsend was made just as
strong as it looks. They additionally said it was pleasing to the
eye – it certainly was different – and that it was of the most
thoroughly tested construction on the market. “The same foundation
which is the backbone of any machine, having been used in steam
tractors since their origin and no one has ever heard of the boiler
under a steam tractor giving out, due to the rack and strain a
tractor frame is subjected to. A great many breakages and undue
wear is due directly to the various parts getting out of alignment,
due to weak frames.”

They also said no fan was needed for the Townsend. They claimed
a draft through the radiator was an improvement, as no power was
wasted and the draft was increased as the load increased. This was
one reason the Townsend was remarkably successful on low-grade

Another ad claimed the Townsend was not a steam engine, but just
as reliable.

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