The Clarksville Steam and Gas Association Show Report

155 W. Cross Street, Box 36 Clarksville, Michigan 48815

Well 0to start off with, we had to move our show location last
summer due to some things beyond our control. Because of this, the
guys got really busy. We moved the sawmill, put down a new well,
moved a cook shack, put up snow fences, cut brush, dug a pond to
have a log rolling. The plastic got a hole in it and let the water
out. Oh well, things happen. I would say that before the water went
out some young people got pretty wet! We had to spray for
mosquitoes, as this land had not had anything done for a number of
years. We also bush hogged the field.

We had about 10 tractors, 15 displays of gas and hot air
engines, seven steam-engines including the 12 HP (1898?)

Tom Christner popped popcorn in the big iron kettle as well as
cooking sweet corn in the big iron kettle another night. He used
about 15 bushel. The sawmill ran about four times a day and we
threshed twice a day. We had some people bring in some aromatic
cedar and we made shingles with it, and boy did the people gather
in the sawdust to smell it! I suspect that some of it went home
with them. There were also slow races with the tractors. The drag
saw operated in between times, and some of the fellows were in the
other field plowing with tractors.

We had eating places for the people put on by the Lakewood
Christian School, the Boy Scouts and people from Ludington. The
Lakewood Christian School people made a hit with their delicious
homemade pies.

A good number of people gathered together Sunday morning for the
worship service at 8:30 a.m. This started the Lord’s day out
right! Next year, 1993, the show will be held August 20th, 21st,
and 22nd, so hope you’ll be there.

Last but not least, the club and I would like to thank: everyone
who came, all those who worked so hard to put it on, and all those
who brought old iron, so folks could see what it was like years
ago. We look forward to seeing everybody there in 1993. Let’s
give the new president Dale McCaul a good feeling.

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