The Fireproof Champion Traction Engine

| January/February 1998

138 Tallebudgera Drive Palm Beach, Queensland, Australia 4221

The Fire-Proof Champion traction engine was made by the Waterous Engine Works, Bramford, Canada, but the year of manufacture is unknown. Maybe, somebody can help?

Details of the boiler It is an upright boiler, 4 feet in diameter and 7 feet high. It has 99 cross water tubes in it, plus four heavy stays, which are tubes also.

The vertical boiler has a dome shaped water cooled spark arrestor on it this is how it got its name 'fireproof.' This spark arrestor invention was patented and never ever sold to anybody else. Every tube was tested after being expanded.

The engine has a 9' diameter cylinder, 10' stroke; semi-rotary valving reversing is carried out by stopping the engine, then loosening two bolts and sliding it in the opposite direction.

The machine is spring mounted with two only 1' round, 4' diameter, 5' long coil springs. It also had two seats, one for the driver and the other for the off-sider. The off-sider attends to the fire, water, greasing, keeping the wood-box full and keeping the steam up to working pressure of 70 lbs.