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Tom Buller, 72, Sardinia, Ohio, died June 11,
2002, after an accident involving a farm tractor rollover at his
residence. Tom, a native of Sault St. Marie, Canada, operated
Custom Craft Welding in Xenia, Ohio, for several years before
moving to Spring Valley Farm in 1974.

He was well known as a welder, machinist and steam engineer. He
was active in several organizations, including the Miami Valley
Steam Threshers and the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Inc.

Survivors include his wife, Sirkka; son Terrence Buller;
daughters Anne Cornell and Gina Barnett; and eight

His friendship, guidance and soft voice will be greatly missed
by many fellow collectors, friends and acquaintances. I am proud to
have had Tom Buller as my friend and mentor in the steam engine

Submitted by Mark L. Rembis, Mt. Orab, Ohio.

Daniel M. Gehman, 56, Stevens, Pa., died
unexpectedly Oct. 8, 2002, in Woodbury, N.J.

Dan was an active member of Rough & Tumble Engineers
Historical Association, Kinzers, Pa. He served on the board of
directors, was the first vice-president, and he was also chairman
of the steam committee. He created a Rough & Tumble yearbook,
which featured stories on members and events, and he was
instrumental in the creation of Rough & Tumble’s steam
school. These classes are quite popular today, and play an
important role in training future ‘steam men.’

Dan’s enthusiasm for the hobby will not be forgotten. He
always took the time to explain and educate, and he loved to watch
the expression on a child’s face when he blew the steam whistle
on his engine. Using his smile and his great sense of humor, Dan
could always coax me, and others, I’m sure, into volunteering
for something. He will be missed.

Survivors include his wife, Evelyn Sweigart Gehman; son Daniel
Earl, Ephrata, Pa.; daughter Heidi Stauffer, Homer City, Ohio;
seven grandchildren; three brothers; and five sisters.

Submitted by Judy Whiteside, Lancaster, Pa.

Elwood William Heath, Deloraine, Manitoba,
Canada, passed away in October 2002 at the age of 75 after
suffering a stroke. Born in New Ulm, Minn., Elwood was the oldest
of eight children, and he farmed in the Monteflore District until
he retired.

Elwood was a farmer, a story teller, a repairman, a builder and
a musician, but most importantly a friend and a family man. In
addition to restoring many John Deere tractors and his 75 HP Case
steam engine, Elwood also made wooden model steam engines. In the
early 1990s Elwood, with the help of his wife, Joyce, started a
threshing day that became an annual event, a meeting place for
family and friends to gather for a good time. Elwood was a stern
man, but he could always put a smile on your face no matter how
your day was going, and he often left you with something
interesting to think about. He will be truly missed by his family
and many friends.

Submitted by Grant McEwan, Altamont, Manitoba,

Frank and Evelyn Miller, Kewanna, Ind., passed
away Oct. 31, 2002, and Nov. 6, 2002, respectively. Frank was 95
years old, and he and Evelyn would have celebrated their 72nd
anniversary Nov. 8, 2002.

Frank was a well-known and respected man within the steam hobby.
He was head sawyer at National Threshers for many years, and he
helped start the show at Winamac, Ind., in the late 1970s. He was
also a fixture at the old Fort Wayne/Whitby show, among others. He
owned an 80 HP Case and a 1/2-scale 80 HP Case, that he built,
along with a sawmill.

Frank was one of my mentors, and I will miss his stern but
watchful assistance. He put in many hours in helping us learn to
run the Port Huron, setting the valves, pouring new babbitt. He
spent a great deal of time at our home assisting with the
restoration of the 32 HP Canadian Special Reeves, even though he
was a Case man. He also spent a great deal of time assisting the
National Threshers Association with the reconfiguration of the

Frank was a man of many talents.

Submitted by Beth Vanarsdall, National Threshers

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