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The sign and four of the men who aided in the Farm Progress Show From left to right are: William Altman, Joe Wisehaupt, Wilbur Collins, L. V. Kinzinger. For further particulars see the write-up of the show.

At the ‘Farm Progress Show’ staged by the ‘Prairie
Farmer’ farm Magazine, held at the Frank Simpson farm, near
Farmer City, Illinois, September 25th and 26th, 1957, there was an
exhibit of steam power. During the show two old-time engines and
separators were used. Threshing began at 10 o’clock each day
with demonstrations each hour. The equipment was supplied by
members of the Central States Thresher man Reunion.

Mr. L. V. Kinzinger of Carlock, Illinois, was on hand with his
10hp. Russell steam engine and Aultman Taylor separator.

A Case 65hp. steamer owned by Wilbur Collins of Pontiac,
Illinois, and a hand fed slat Russell separator made in 1886 and
owned by Milford Rees of Franklin, Illinois. Mr. Joe Wisehaupt of
Mackinaw, Illinois, Mr. William Oltman of Benson, Illinois, and Art
Kent of Athens, Illinois, ably assisted.

Four stacks of oats were threshed which gave the old timers a
chance to demonstrate how it was done in Grandfathers Day.

This Farm Progress Show was the largest ever held. Official
estimates were well over 200,000. The first day 42 buses loaded
mostly with school children arrived. 340 planes landed on a special
landing field. Approximately 500 acres were used in one way or
another for the big show.

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