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An old stationary boiler and engine which Andrew F. Hesse, 49, of Marble Rock purchased last June and put in working order by Mr. Hesse and his son, Marvin. A governor and other parts were constructed from materials picked up mostly from junk piles.

The outfit is mounted on a 1935 Chevrolet chassis and is used to
saw wood. The boiler in front holds 30 gallons of water and an
extra 15 gallons is carried in the left rear container. The right
hand container holds 100 pounds of coal. The steam valve pops off
at 120 degrees.2

The trailer carries extra coal, two circular saws, belts and
other equipment. The engine runs under its own power at five or
more miles an hour.

Mr. Hesse ran a steam engine when he was fourteen years old, to
grind feed for his father, and also ran one for Elmer Crawford at
Clarksville for several years. He intends to paint the equipment
red, green and silver, before displaying it in neighboring towns on
Saturday evenings, when a collection will be taken for crippled
children, his favorite charity.

Mr. Hesse expects to exhibit it at the display of steam engines
at Cedar Palls next fall. The engine was originally in the creamery
at Powers Ville; after the creamery was dismantled, the engine was
purchased by Guy Kline top of Clarksville, who sold it to the Milo
G. Mather Machine Shop there. Later it was owned by Chris Hoodjer
and it was used to dry cement blocks and Mr. Hesse obtained it from
Mr. Hoodper.

Mr. Hesse is a welder at the Oliver Tractor Works at Charles

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