Threshing Bee in the Far West

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Case engine and thresher in Evan T. Jones and Sons interesting letter.
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Oil Pull 20-40 mentioned in E van T. Jones and Sons letter.

Riverside, Washington

Enclosed find $2.00 to cover subscription as we don’t want
to miss an issue. We think the ALBUM is a wonderful little magazine
and want you to keep the good work up.

I am enclosing a couple of photos. One of the old 20hp. Case
engine pulling a 24×42 Case separator that I bought new in 1915 and
it has never missed a season since, and is still in good running

We had an old time Threshing Bee on November 7th, 1954 and had
quite a crowd despite the rain and drizzle when the picture was

The other photo is of the 20-40 Oil Pull on the truck when we
brought it home last summer.

The boys and I have a 20-40 and a 12-20 Rumley Oil Pull, the
20-45 Case steam engine and a double Buffalo Pitts steamer in our
hobby collection so far. We have a Case steamer and a G5hp. Russell
on the string and we hope to get them soon. We are also hoping to
put on another Old Time Threshing Bee next summer.

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