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Left hand view of 15-30 Towsend tractor, 1918 model. Owned by E. Eliason, Katbryn, North Dakota
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Front view of Mr. Eliason's 1918, 5-30 Towsend. Owned by E. Eliason, of Kathryn, North Dakota
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Right and view of Mr.Eliason's 15-30 Towsend tractor
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30-60 Rumley Oil Pull as it was found by Mr. C. A. Harsch, E. 8713 Frederick, Spokane 6, Washington. Mr. Harsch says, We have a collection of old tractors and are thinking of starting an Old Tractor Museum on a 20 acre tract on the main highway west of Sp
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30-60 Hit and Miss governor, two cylinder Hart-Parr tractor owned by Ernest H. Kiecker, Hector, Minn
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Fuller & Johnson gas engine. See Mr. Buslaff s letter. Courtesy of Rolland Buslaff, R. D.5, Waukeshaw, Wis.

R. 5, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Old gas engines deserve space in the ALBUM. The picture of the
Fuller & Johnson is one of the early makes and was a smaller
source of power along with the steam engine, when the largest and
best were being built, gas engines passed out of the picture in the
twenties with steam and made way for the motor type tractors.

Of all gas engines this model Fuller & Johnson was one of
the best. My father and another man by the name of Tom Johnson
purchased a 6 hp. a picture enclosed, in 1903, to be the first in
use in the township to saw wood and other belt power. Gasoline was
classed dangerous in those days. Before the start of the automobile
a few years later Dad purchased Johnson’s interest in this
engine and for many years it served the neighbors as a source of
power. This went on until it was replaced with a tractor. The old
engine was retired like other old engines and the younger Buslaff
Brothers had the job taking it apart for scrap iron. The writer has
been looking for this model for some time and located this one from
the estate of a man by the same name of Johnson, no relation to any
of the other Johnsons. The serial number is 23 older than our old
one. The cooling system has been removed. It was several sections
of radiation used in heating and most of the owners replaced this
with a water tank.

I’m starting a collection of gas engines and wish a few
Wisconsin readers of the ALBUM would join me to have some 15 makes
that were built by manufacturers in this state. The Wisconsin Steam
Club will have space to display a good old engine all painted up
like new. Their bark adds to a show.

This is the story of a 51-year-old engine. Enclosed is $2.00 for
ALBUM renewal. I have been a reader of the ALBUM since 1951.

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