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Sometimes tractor pictures submitted by readers make the cover of Iron-Men Album, such as this Case traction engine.
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This Peerless steam traction engine has been half buried in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon for some time.

We begin the 56th volume of Iron-Men Album with a Case engine on our cover.
The picture was sent by owners Tom and Ed Curtis of Pompey, New
York. The 1920 engine is #35000, a 50 HP model. Remember, the best
way to get your engine.

Tanner Remillard in Pendleton, Oregon
sent us tractor pictures of himself and an unrestored engine.
‘It is what is left of a Peerless steam tractor, sunk up to its
axles, not sure what HP. I am 18 years old. When I paid my visit it was a ‘nice, wet’ day and about a mile
and a half walk to get to it in the rain, but it was well worth it.
It is up in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon. I had hopes of
getting and restoring this tractor, but it was
pretty much done in for. I heard that it was there and I had to go
see it. There are very few parts left on it that would be
useful.’ Welcome to the world of steam traction engine
collecting, Tanner! FC

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