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A 10 HP Eurkea (Sunflower) Wooden Wheel, Aultman & Taylor Steam Engine. Left to right are Steam Engine Joe, Jerry Lake and George Grim.

A pony pulling contest on Friday night and a square dance on
Saturday night proved very popular with the evening crowds. The
Hickory chapter, Knights of Pythias provided two well-stocked lunch
counters and the Boy Scouts handled the pop situation. The ladies
auxiliary conducted their usually fine bazaar and handled
subscriptions for the Album.

Several school districts sent bus loads of students with
teachers to tour the grounds. They were admitted free and the
opportunity afforded them such instruction that could be obtained
in no other way. Many of them had never seen a steam traction
engine in operation.

Engines shown included, Frick, Baker, Peerless, Huber, Advance
Rumely, Keck-Gonnerman, Case, Aultman & Taylor, and Scheidler.
Bell City, Aultman & Taylor and Frick threshers and Ann Arbor
and Case balers were featured in the demonstrations. A
well-preserved horse-power baler still attracted much

Officers of the association were well pleased with the reception
given the exhibition and plans will be made for a similar display
during the coming year.

The officers of the association are: Pres. V. M. Paul; V.Pres.
C. R. Fullerton; Sec. Paul F. Crow; Treas. Evelyn M. Crow.
Directors are: Earl Hamilton, John Sell, Tracy Lewton, Glenn
Fullerton, Howard White, Dell Weaver, Melvin Kaste and Frank

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