Two Good Little Steam Shows

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A Nichols & Shepard and a Keck Gonnerman at Homestead show.
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1912 16 HP Advance engine, Homestead show.
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1902 15 HP Keck Gonnerman, Homestead show.
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Avery Undermount at Montgomery Country Old Threshers show.
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Kitten return flue engine with unique stack ornament at Montgomery County Old Threshers show.

Creed Farm, RR #13, Box 209,Brazil, Indiana 47834

It seems that the larger steam shows are always better
advertised and have articles written about them in the steam
magazines, while smaller shows have a small ad and no write-up. I
decided to take pen in hand and right some of this wrong.

Please do not misunderstand me, as I enjoy any kind of steam
show, but by consulting a calendar and a map you may be within a
hundred or so miles of a small show instead of several hundred
miles to go to a large show.

Last year while on vacation to visit relatives, I was able to
attend two smaller shows, one in Illinois and one in Missouri. I
appreciated the work and effort that the members had put into both
shows, and would recommend anyone to visit them.

The first show was the Highland Power Show, held at Highland,
Illinois, just a few miles south of 1-70. The show is held on a
farmstead south of town, with a large display area and plenty of

The equipment displayed was well maintained, and many
manufacturers and models of engines were represented. I was
surprised to find a 20-75 Nichols and Shepard double cylinder rear
mount engine at the show, which was a few hundred serial numbers
older than the engine my father and I own. I had a very pleasant
conversation with a part-owner of the engine, and with other

The second show I attended was the Montgomery County Old
Threshers Show at Montgomery City, Missouri, at the south edge of
town, just a few miles north of 1-70.

A good variety of full size and model engines were present, with
a large model demonstration area. The exhibitors were friendly and
took the time to answer questions. I enjoyed the antique farm
display and the flea market area.

As you can tell from the photographs, both of these shows had
good displays of steam and antique equipment showing the hard work
and effort put forth by their members. Both of these shows are
within a few miles of one of the major midwestern interstates,

The Homestead Power Show at Highland, Illinois will be held on
August 9, 10, and 11, 1991. Montgomery County Old Threshers Show at
Montgomery City, Missouri will be August 16, 17, and 18, 1991.

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