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2025 Hillcrest Drive Anderson, Indiana 46012

Hardy gas engine and tractor enthusiasts from eleven different
states challenged the cloudy skies to come to the fifth annual
Antique Gas Engine and Tractor Show, held on the grounds of Local
662, in Anderson Indiana, on June 2-4. There were more than 70
towns from Indiana represented, and membership from 58 different
local unions in attendance.

After a long week of work, families of all ages enjoyed visiting
with old friends and making new acquaintances. While participants
shared their prized collections, whether it was the 9 HP Lambert
gas engine that was made in Anderson in 1912, the Anderson Museum
provided by Barbara and Dan Davis, restored antique tractors, or a
toy tractor collection, a good time was enjoyed by all.

Whistles, shirts, knives, antiques, and even ‘Ralph The
Lizard’ were among the various items that could be purchased at
the flea market held on the back parking lot.

In the auditorium, craft dealers displayed their talents,
offering a wide variety of beautiful and unique items. An
atmosphere of nostalgia was created as Dell Huhn and Linda Shaffer
spun wool, and Carolyn Titus quilted on the beautiful ‘State of
Indiana’ quilt.

Music to please the ears of any toe-tapping listener was
supplied by the White River Folk and Bluegrass Club, the Five Grand
Band, and Dyer’s Calliope.

Different types of food were enjoyed. Sandwiches, a fish fry,
and of course the delicious smell of barbecued pork chops and
chicken being cooked out on an open pit had people in line
practically all day long.

The first steam engine to be in operation at our show was
exhibited by Russell Merrell, Local 662 retired member. One of the
few Indiana tractors that was made in Anderson was shown by Joe
McClain. This is a real museum piece!

Ethol Andrew, Al Gardner, and Bob Rhea organized different
activities for the tractor exhibitors to compete in. Everyone
enjoyed demonstrating their skills.

Dick Slinger created a lot of excitement when he pulled in on
his beautiful maroon-colored motorcycle, pulling his gas engine on
a trailer, all the way from Cookeville, Tennessee. Also, Jack
Miller had all the children, as well as the adults, captivated by
his old antique bicycles, and his expertise in riding them.

Early Sunday morning ninety hungry engine and tractor exhibitors
enjoyed the complimentary breakfast provided and served by the U.
A. W. to show appreciation to the collectors for sharing their
valued restored pieces.

‘Third time is the charm,’ laughed Walt Ritenburg, of U.
A. W. Local 699, from Oakley, Michigan, after winning the
traveler’s trophy for bringing his 1939 Avery Tractor, 266
miles to participate. Richard Smith, a farmer from Piedmont,
Missouri, received the traveler’s trophy for bringing a trailer
full of gas engines 475 miles.

This show is a museum in action! Thanks to everyone for

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