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Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association will be
offering a boiler safety and water treatment seminar on March 19,
1990. This is the third year for this seminar, which grew ten-fold
in attendance from the first to the second year. Anyone interested
in the related subjects longtime hobbyists, new hobbyists, working
industrial maintenance personnel, contractors, etc. are welcome to

There is no charge for the one-day seminar, to be held on the
ground of Rough and Tumble, Route 30 at Kinzers, PA. Prior mail
registration is required, however. Registration should be sent to
James Conte, 979 Old Elizabethtown Rd., Elizabeth-town, PA. 17022
by March 5th. Lunch will be provided on the grounds the day of the
seminar, with a free-will donation appreciated.

Everett Young, a semi-retired boiler specialist, will discuss
boiler inspection, including the ramifications of
Pennsylvania’s new Antique Boiler Law. He will also discuss
personal inspection and condition appraisal. He will cover repair
methods and those things to look for when buying or operating a
boiler. Young, a longtime member of R & T’s boards, plans
to outline the various trouble spots peculiar to various makes and
types of boilers, and give pointers on what to look for when
purchasing an older boiler.

Young speaks with experience about the right way to fire a
boiler for improved performance and economy. He has tips on how to
save fire box grates, how to manage boiler water and safety valve
sold and new and can explain why some new ones don’t stand up
as well as their older counterparts.

Young can discuss emergency procedures, as well as indicate
sources for replacement parts for older boilers. His talk will
include stay bolts and rivet show and why they go bad and how to
replace them. He will also include weld repairs and the difference
between certified and qualified welders when weld repairs are

James Conte, maintenance engineer for Harrisburg Steam Works, is
the current secretary of Rough and Tumble’s governing board. He
will present a water treatment outline covering water sources, and
water treatment typical for softening, deoxygenizing and
de-aerating systems. He will show how to test boiler water and what
to test for, using readily available and inexpensive test
equipment. He will also speak on boiler blow down and heat recovery
and how to identify and resolve boiler operating problems.

Conte’s remarks will also include a discussion of how to
store a boiler between fire-ups and what problems are caused when
this is not done properly.

Audience participation is encouraged in all phases of this
seminar. Specific questions can be sent to Jim Conte, along with
your registration, as he would like to gear his comments to the
needs and interests of the participants. The seminar will begin at
9:00 a.m. sharp and should be concluded by 3:15 p.m. There will be
a 45 minute break for lunch, served on the grounds, for seminar
participants. Due to the increase in participants, from the first
to the second year, advance registration for this third seminar is
required. Those with questions may call Jim Conte at (717) 367-3532
evenings between 7 &10.

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