Help Identify this Case Boiler

Help identify manufacture year on horse-drawn Case steam engine boiler.

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Keith Tyler

Several years ago, a horse-drawn Case steam engine was donated to our historical society, but only the boiler. It has been restored, and we are trying to find any information on its past. On the frame is the number 1264C. Can anyone advise where I can find further information?

When we were given the machine many years ago, it was only the boiler. The rest has subsequently been added just to make it look good (smokestack, wheels etc.) but it is probably not like the original. Our aim is to try to get a year of manufacture and pictures of what it originally looked like. All we really know is that it was a stationary machine and towed to where it was needed.

Keith Tyler, Yalyalup,
Western Australia;

  • Updated on Aug 28, 2021
  • Originally Published on Aug 20, 2021
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