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Pairing Up to Preserve the Past

Members of two Amish families in Holmes County, Ohio, are bringing the past to life through demonstrations of immaculately restored century-old equipment. Pairing a circular shingle sawmill built in 1904 with a Case steam engine manufactured in 1909, the men show exactly how roofing shingles ...


A Museum Case Steam Engine and Firsthand Experience with Dirt

Volunteer looking for details on donated Case steam engine to enhance museum display I volunteer at the Siskiyou County Museum in Yreka, California. Quite a few years ago, a family donated a Case steam engine to the museum. No sign was ever made to tell about the engine. I’m trying to do a ...


Help Identify this Case Boiler

Several years ago, a horse-drawn Case steam engine was donated to our historical society, but only the boiler. It has been restored, and we are trying to find any information on its past. On the frame is the number 1264C. Can anyone advise where I can find further information? When we ...


A Fateful Day with the Rotary Hoe

In 1956, when I was 8, my two younger brothers and I were supposed to be picking up rocks in the field and putting them in an old dump trailer. The hired man (boy) was driving the DC Case pulling the rotary hoe. He was instructed to drive in high gear so the small weeds would flip completely ...


Going Head to Head: Deere and International Harvester

In the early days of power farming, the competition was between internal combustion and steam. Hart-Parr became the champion for the internal combustion, or “gas engine” tractors, but customers did not immediately beat the proverbial path. Steam competitors were roasting the gas tractor ...


Strong Survivors: Trio of Rare Tractors Endure

Steve Linker is an exceptionally lucky man. When a fire started in the shed where he typically stored three rare antique tractors, Lady Luck smiled on him not once, but twice. Two of the three tractors had been moved to another shed; aware of the presence of the third tractor, firemen took ...


2019 Show Season Wrapped in Family Ties

What’s stronger than old iron? Family ties. Entries in this year’s show photo edition give a clear picture of the strength of family ties, and the ways those ties strengthen the old iron hobby. First, of course, there are the families themselves – sometimes up to four generations share ...

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