Wood’s Annual Threshing Bee 1955

By Staff

Here is a belated article (as far as publishing is concerned. We
received it in due time but for two reasons it was unintentionally
delayed). Mr. Wood is an unusual man in that he has built so many
Models and machines. He is known far and wide. Ed.

The annual Threshing Bee of L. K. Wood’s at Mendon, Utah,
came off on September 24th, 1955.

The 18 hp,. Minneapolis; 20 Case; 10 hp. Russell; Russell 6 hp.
and the Russell scale model were all under pressure as well as the
32 whistle steam calliope recently constructed. The brand new 1912
plain Advance separator was powered by the 20-60 Case and the newly
painted 1888 New Massillon separator was powered by Nelson-Woodbury
sweep power pulled by four teams of real draft horses going round
and round.

The first rain of the season somewhat cut the demonstration
short in the afternoon but the crowd really got a bang out of the
bygone days being reenacted.

Next year being the Centennial, Mr. Wood has been asked to
depict 100 years of progress both in pageant and parade. Models and
calliope of his own creation will also add to the collection.

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