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Appleton Mfg. Co. and Implement Collection

When Dale Deno rescued an old Appleton husker/shredder he found at the junkyard, it was just another day for a young man farming on a shoestring. “When I started out,” he says, “I used a lot of equipment I salvaged from the junkyard.” He showed the piece to his brother, who uttered the ...

gas engine

Restoring the Long-Lost Sorg Engine

When a partially disassembled engine turned up at a February 2021 auction, it almost immediately caused a buzz in the gas engine collector world. The auction listing’s humble description – “flywheel engine missing parts” – gave no indication of the engine’s rarity. A photo showed ...

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Close Look at Old Photo Yields Clues to Engine Collector

Greetings from a longtime Farm Collector reader (since Vol. 1, Issue 2, believe it or not). Thanks so very much for a truly excellent publication. Please keep up your good work. My heart breaks a little more every time another old iron magazine goes away, or goes online only. I was so very ...

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