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Looks like a Display in Ireland

Reader responses from What was this Used For? Regarding Gary Tennant’s request for help identifying an implement: The pictures shown above and below were taken at the Irish Agriculture Museum that we visited during the 2018 Farm Collector tour of England, Wales and Ireland. The four-row unit ...


Can anyone help with details on Fleury piece?

I purchased this machine on a virtual auction without knowing what I was buying and was surprised at how big it was when I came to pick it up. It is such a beautiful piece just to look at and a lot more interesting since I have read Bruce Fleury's article on Joseph Fleury's short life in Farm ...


Identify this Tractor

Can anyone identify this tractor? These photos show an old tractor that I don’t know much about. The front tires, engine, muffler, intake and gas tank are not original. Steve Thoune, 2012 12th Ave., Menominee, WI 49858; phone: (906) 863-8848; Sthoune47@gmail.com Send ...


Looking for leads on early horse-drawn grader?

This unique, early horse- or mule-drawn grader has been loaned to the Eastern Washington Agricultural Museum. The one-piece circular blade can be positioned (using two levers) to move material left or right or carry it straight ahead. The two levers are cast with the name J.D. Adams, ...


Do You Recognize This Brush Hog Rotary Mower?

I recently bought a brush hog rotary mower produced by an unknown manufacturer. I am including photos in the hope that someone can identify it. Looks to be green or maybe red. The gearbox is marked Warner, Auburn, Ind. There is no model number on it. John Deere shows similar models, but none ...


Looking for Leads on Horse-Drawn Road Grader

I am searching for information pertaining to a horse-drawn road grader that I am restoring. I purchased it at the 2016 Boone County Draft Horse Sale in Sedalia, Missouri. The information given at sale time was that it once belonged to President Harry Truman. Information from the Truman ...

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