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Baked Beans and Culture

Writer’s note: When I was a kid, Mom often put a big pot of baked beans in the oven of her coal range before we went to church on Sunday morning and that was our Sunday dinner when we got home. I’ve loved pork and beans ever since and often still eat them. In 1909, Charles Scribner’s ...

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Santa Claus

Editor’s note: William Livingstone Alden (1837-1908) was a prominent American journalist, fiction writer, and humorist, who, in 1885, published The Adventures of Jimmy Brown, the hero of which was forever getting into incredible trouble. One of Jimmy’s escapades was titled Santa Claus, and ...

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Let Us Kick

When I was in the U.S. Army during the early 1950s, I had several opportunities to travel quite long distances on trains and we were always, in the U.S., treated to the luxury of a Pullman car, where at night a porter converted the seats used during the day into double-decker bunks, complete ...

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Farming Vignettes From 1840

These scribblings are offered under the heading, “Looking Back,” and this month we’ll look back as far as 1840. As June is “National Dairy Month,” the first story is about a pretty milk maid. I have bound volumes for the years 1840 and 1841 of a farm paper titled “The ...

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