David Brown 2D an Interesting Tractor

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John Beattie with his David Brown 2D.

John Beattie is sold on the David Brown 2D. Just 2,008 of this model were made from 1956-61. Featuring a two cylinder, air-cooled, 12 hp diesel engine, the 2D was designed for smaller applications. Instead of hydraulics, it uses compressed air. “It’s an interesting tractor,” John says. “It pushes implements, rather than pulls them. And it has a very small turning area: It can turn in nearly its own length.” In addition to six 2D’s, John has a full set of implements for the model.

This one had been abandoned to the elements for 28 years before John got hold of it. “There was no paint on it, but the only thing it needed was one wing (fender). The rear tires are original.”

John’s traveled all over England to find additions to his collection. “There’s still quite a lot of them in use. They’re ideal for vegetables; you can see what you’re doing. But parts are very hard to get.”

John first learned of the 2D during a presentation on IH tractors. A poster featuring David Brown and the Case line “sort of caught me eye,” he says. FC

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