John Deere GP Wide Tread Completes Pair

Vintage tractor collector matches GP Standard with GP Wide Tread

| February 1999

David Miller was chasing gas engines at a sale in a Wyoming when a funny thing happened. 

"I went to the sale because I was interested in some gas engines. And I got six of them. But I also got a tractor," he said. "It was just going way too cheap."

The tractor – a 1932 John Deere GP wide tread – may not have been on David's shopping list, but it made a good companion to a vintage GP standard he already had.

"It is a rare tractor," he said, "and that makes it more desirable. They only made about 4,000 of them."

The GP in general was not a best-seller, David said.

"It was underpowered and overweight," he said. "And there were quite a few problems with the carburetion."