Ready to Roll: 10 Rare Antique Pedal Tractors

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The rarest and hardest-to-find farm toy, a red “coffin” engine pedal tractor made by Eska in 1949.
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The Oliver 1800 pedal tractor with keystone decal, restored to near-perfect condition.

Collectible antique pedal tractors are more than kid stuff. The oldest are more than 50 years old and were produced in small numbers. Most were used in heavy-duty applications and maintenance was poor. And yet, a prize condition toy pedal tractor today can sell for a heart-stopping price.

1. John Deere A with “coffin” engine. Manufactured by Eska Co., Dyersville, Iowa, this very rare, narrow-front antique pedal tractor is red with an open grille.

2. John Deere A with open grille. Same as above, but green and no “coffin” engine.

3. John Deere 730. Made in five narrow-front variations by Eska, the rarest of these pedal tractors is a narrow front end called the “small hole” variation.

4. Caterpillar D-4. Manufactured in 1949 by New London Metal Products, this 45-inch-long pedal tractor was battery-powered and had a blade. A gas-powered model is also hard to find.

5. Oliver 1800. Ertl made this pedal tractor with a keystone decal and solid grille.

6. Massey-Harris 44. Made in 1951, this narrow front tractor has an open grille and spring seat.

7. Ford 900. Manufactured by Graphic Reproductions in 1954, this red and gray pedal tractor has a vertical grille.

8. Ford 901. Also a GR product, this toy pedal tractor has a grid grille.

9. Farmall M. This 1953 Eska model has a closed grille and cast-in axles. The variety with axles bolted on is almost as hard to find.

10. Case 400. Eska made this narrow-front model pedal tractor in 1955.

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