Full House: 10 Special Farm Toy Sets

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The John Deere Patio Set is a very difficult item to find, especially with the dealer display shown here.
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Product Miniature manufactured this hard-to-find HD-5 crawler with the Baker blade.

Combine kids with small toys in multiple pieces, and it doesn’t take long before something’s missing. That is precisely what makes these sets so rare: They’re intact.

1. International Harvester 1/16-scale farm set with barn. This 1954 set by Ertl Co., Dyersville, Iowa, included the IH 400 tractor with the split rim.

2. 1950 International Harvester 1/16-scale set, including a Farmall M, spreader and plow, by Eska Co., Dyersville, Iowa.

3. 1950 IHC Eska 1/16-scale set with a plastic Farmall M, 2-bottom plow and spreader, both with rubber tail wheels.

4. 1969 IHC Ertl 1/16-scale set with an IHC 544 tractor with loader, truck and sheepfoot compactor.

5. John Deere 1/16-scale 140 Lawn and Garden set in dealer display box. Instead of JD green, they were painted sunset orange, spruce blue, April yellow and patio red (and are often called the “Patio Set”).

6. 1964 Oliver farm set by Ertl, including an 1800 tractor, front loader and barge wagon.

7. 1963 Carter Tru-Scale set with a truck, red 401 tractor with loader and red flatbed trailer, made by Carter Tru-Scale Products, Dyersville, Iowa.

8. 1950 Allis-Chalmers with HD-5 Baker crawler and wagon, manufactured in plastic by Product Miniature, Milwaukee.

9. 1964 Allis-Chalmers Ertl set with a D-17 tractor, disc, plow, spreader and flare wagon.

10. 1960 Ford farm set, including a Ford 961 tractor with auger, barn blade, plow, trailer and ducks, all made by Hubley Mfg. Co., Lancaster, Penn.

Only a List

With so many farm toys to choose from, any lists of the “top 10” are open to interpretation, so collectors can have fun devising their own.

Bill Vossler is a freelance writer and author of several books on antique farm tractors and toys. Contact him at Box 372, 400 Caroline Ln., Rockville, MN 56569; e-mail: bvossler@juno.com

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