Tractor Test Results

Several Huber tractors were tested at the Nebraska Tractor
Tests, including the Huber Light Four 12-25 during test no. 12 in
1920 (shortly after the tests began). Though the Huber showed no
major problems, many minor ones became apparent, including the need
for frequent governor adjustments.

Perhaps because of these problems, the next Huber tractors
offered for testing fared much better. In 1921 the Huber 15-30, as
C.H. Wendel writes in Nebraska Tractor Tests Since 1920,
“made a maximum drawbar pull of 3,645 pounds at a speed of 2.76
mph, for a corresponding maximum of 26.85 drawbar horsepower,” or
almost double its 15 rating. “Likewise,” Wendel continues, “this
somewhat under-rated tractor came up with a maximum of 44.68 brake
horsepower, far in excess of the manufacturer’s rating (of 30 brake

In 1926 the Huber 20-40 was tested, then upgraded to a 32-45
because of its success at the trials. The Huber 25-50 was tested a
year later with similar results, being upgraded to a 40-62, though
the test showed it produced almost 70 brake horsepower. Also in
1926, the Huber New Super Four 18-36 came in at 43.15 hp, and was
re-rated to just 21.39. In 1929, the Light Four 20-36 came in with
drawbar horsepower over 27. The Huber LC and Huber B, both tested
in 1937, didn’t fare nearly as well in the tests.

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