Harry Ferguson: A History

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Discover the history of Harry Ferguson, an influential inventor and engineer.

Irish-born Harry Ferguson was known as an inventor and engineer, especially his role in the development of the modern tractor and the Ferguson Hydraulic System. He made the mass production of simple, reliable and affordable tractors a reality, and his company also offered a range of implements and accessories for these tractors.

This just scratches the surface of Ferguson’s contributions to agriculture. Browse the articles below to get Harry Ferguson’s whole story.

Harry Ferguson: Mechanical Genius Part I

Harry Ferguson leaves lasting impact on tractor development.

Harry Ferguson: Mechanical Genius Part II

Inventor Harry Ferguson battles to protect his groundbreaking designs.

Harry Ferguson: Mechanical Genius Part III

Inventor Harry Ferguson turns to Massey-Harris in final partnership.

More on Ferguson Tractors

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Josephine Roberts fires up her Massey Ferguson 35 for a jaunt around her neighborhood.

The Little Gray Fergie

Tractor Tales from Wales

Girl Meets Tractor: Jo’s Massey-Ferguson 35

Tales from Wales: Josephine Roberts and her love of old tractors, especially her little Massey-Ferguson 35.

Full of Fergusons: Collection Evolves from Ford-Ferguson 2N Tractor Purchase

What began with a 1946 Ford-Ferguson 2N tractor grew to a 75-piece collection.

Banking on Ferguson Tractors

Fledgling Ferguson tractor dealership launches Iowa man’s career.

Ferguson Tractor Fulfills the Job

Ferguson tractor at home with American hotel owner in Wales.

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