A Brief History of Wallis Tractors

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Wallis tractors are an outgrowth of J.I. Case Plow Works, Racine, Wis. After Case’s son-in-law, Henry M. Wallis Sr., took over presidency of J.I. Case Plow Works in 1891, Wallis Tractor Co. was organized in 1912, operating from a factory in Cleveland until one could be built in Racine, Wis.

Wallis’ son, Henry M. Wallis Jr., was in charge of production of the first Wallis models, the “Fuel-Save Tractor” Bear and Cub models. The company’s unit frame design, housing the crankcase and transmission in a single U-shaped plate, revolutionized tractor design and became the basis of Wallis and Massey-Harris tractors.

In 1919 Wallis Tractor Co. and J.I. Case Plow Works were merged to form J.I. Case Plow Works Co. The Cub Jr., Models K, OK and Certified tractors were all lightweight Wallis models. In 1927 the company agreed to sell Wallis tractors in Canada through Massey-Harris. One year later, Massey-Harris bought J.I. Case Plow Works and continued to build Wallis tractors, including the 20-30 and, in 1929, the 12-20. FC

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