Sole Scraper Footwear Cleaner

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If you don’t mind tromping about in the mud, but you’re less enthusiastic about dragging it into your pickup, the Sole Scraper may be just the ticket. Attached to the hitch on your vehicle, the scraper makes it easy to clean footwear outside. Available in three sizes, the hitch model is held in place with a lock pin. Easy to attach and remove, it will not interfere with a pull-behind.

The Sole Scraper’s unique design features a blade that cuts into mud and debris, and a brush with 57 rubber bristles to dig into tread.

An outdoor model is available for use at the base of tree stands, enhancing safety when climbing rungs and preventing mud from falling while climbing, the noise of which could scare off that monster buck you have your eye on! Sole Scraper hitch model, $39.99 plus tax and shipping; outdoor model, $59.99 plus tax and shipping; available at

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