Photos from Show Season 2006

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Tractor rides are a great way to enjoy old iron, and the River Valley show at Mapleton, Ill., added one to its show in August 2006. More than two dozen antique tractors followed a 17-mile course, including this scenic stretch between Mapleton and Glasford, Ill. Photo by Bob Hunnicutt, Washington, Ill.
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Threshing is a big part of the fun at the River Valley Antique Display and Threshing Show at Mapleton, Ill. Here, Denny Broadway, Mike Baldwin, Bob Renken and Gene Sathoff feed the conveyor during the August 2006 show.Old iron in action at the River Valley show. Antique tractor pulls are a perennial favorite at the show.Tractor fun and games: Wayland Lauterbach tries to maneuver a Farmall Super C around the cones while wearing a welding mask in a blindfold race at the River Valley show.Shelby Lauterbach, 11, guides her Farmall Super C through a palette of tractor colors. Photos by Bob Hunnicutt, Washington, Ill.
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Members of the Rock River Thresheree (Edgerton, Wis.) celebrated the annual show’s 50th anniversary in a very big way. On Sunday, Sept. 3, 2006, the club put together a threshing extravaganza featuring 12 threshing machines belted to 12 steam engines, all threshing wheat at the same time. The rigs (seven of which are shown here) were lined up back-to-back in two rows so all of the straw would accumulate in one location. Photographer Gail Kuhlow, Avalon, Wis., had a bird’s-eye view, working from the top of a 60-foot bucket truck.
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A steady focus and brisk stride are required of the plowman, as shown in this scene from Plow Day at the Marbold Mansion farmstead, Greenview, Ill., in April 2006. Photo by Rich Brehmer, Deer Creek, Ill.
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Nick Burtchell, Platte City, Mo., is all smiles while learning to drive this John Deere tractor during the Platte County Steam and Gas Engine Show, Tracy, Mo., in August 2006. With him is the tractor’s owner, Jim McClung, Holt, Mo. Photo by Lee Stubbs, courtesy of Platte County Citizen.
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Brandon Lyons, son of Mary Lyons, and Charli Eddy, daughter of James and Susan Eddy, put a shine on this steam engine model during the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, in September 2006. The model was displayed by Richard Hembrough. Photo by Janet Healy, Fulton, Mo.
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Chris Britton with his freshly restored 1946 Ford Model 2N. Chris is a member of the North Florida Antique Engine and Tractor Club.
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Members of the Green family, Smithville, Mo., sawing with a scale Case steam tractor at the Platte County show, Tracy, Mo. Photo by Lee Stubbs, courtesy of Platte County Citizen.
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Shining like autumn leaves: A Brockway Model 49G tractor owned by Ken Avery, Quaker Hill, Conn., displayed at the QVEA Zagray Farm Museum fall show and auction. Photo by Dave Wrobel.
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Mike Sanderson, Albion, Iowa, at the annual Mid-Iowa Antique Power Show, Marshalltown, Iowa in 2006, preparing to start his 10 hp International Model M. Photo by Susan Eddy, Numa, Iowa.
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John Haley, Pontiac, Ill., at the helm of his 1908 18 hp Avery undermount engine. Photographer Don Wooden, Princeton, Ill., took this shot while John was turning over wheat stubble with an 8-bottom plow at the Northern Illinois Steam Power Club’s August 2006 show at Sycamore, Ill.
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Jim Slechta, Vail, Iowa, took his show on the road. He’s shown here with his wife, Faylenne, and his 1954 John Deere Model 70 in front of Mt. Rushmore. In July 2006, the Slechtas set out on what Jim refers to as “the most awesome tractor ride I have ever been on,” winding through the Black Hills of South Dakota with a stop at this quintessential American landmark. Photo by Jo Ketelsen, Mapleton, Iowa.
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David Russell, Macon, Mo., takes his grandson, Dustin Glydewell, Moberly, Mo., for a spin during the Northeast Missouri Old Threshers Show parade, Shelbina, Mo. David is driving his 1929 McCormick-Deering 22-36. Photo by Melanie Boone, Macon, Mo.
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James Eddy, Numa, Iowa, and his 2-1/2 hp Mogul belted to a small rock crusher at the Prairie Land show, Jacksonville, Ill. Photograph by Susan Eddy, Numa, Iowa.
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Bob Flemming, Parkville, Mo., at the wheel of a scale model Case steam engine during the Platte County show, Tracy, Mo. Photograph by Lee Stubbs, courtesy of Platte County Citizen.
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Photography can tell a tale of another time. Here, plowing with a six-horse team at the Marbold Mansion Plow Day. Photograph by Rich Brehmer, Deer Creek, Ill.

Ever seen old iron act like a magnet? It does … just watch it pull out cameras! Parades, equipment demonstrations and particularly fine restorations seem to yank cameras out of pockets, backpacks and handbags as fans and photogs capture relics of the past for posterity.

Several months ago, we put out the appeal: Send us your best shots from the 2006 show season. In this issue, we publish the fruits of your labors. These are our favorite photographs from the dozens submitted. They show the hard work, resourcefulness and plain old-fashioned fun surrounding antique farm equipment. They also show the immense diversity of this hobby: Look for enthusiasts young and old, equipment big and small, treasures restored and original.

To all who submitted photographs, thanks for giving us a fresh new perspective on old iron!

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