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Memories Of A Former Kid

By now, you’ve been to shows from coast to
coast. Chances are, you’re thinking you’ve seen it all. So we’ve
worked overtime on this issue of Farm Collector to deliver
you “something different” – things you probably didn’t see
on the summer show circuit.

Let’s start with Brian Dagan’s 1918 Nilson Jr. You’d have to
look long and hard to find another one. Brian knows – he’s tried.
“There may be others,” he says, “but I haven’t seen them or heard
specifically about them.” The Nilson Jr. is a rare bird, to be
sure, but it’s also unique … check out Bill Vossler’s in-depth
article to learn more.

Peanuts anyone? Writer Rocky Womack takes us back to the days
when peanuts were harvested using horse-drawn equipment. He
introduces us to Bob Harrell, an army of one who’s made it his
mission to ensure that traditional farming practices – including
the peanut harvest – are not lost to time.

We wrap up your plate of “something different” with a piece on
tractor loaders. This is something different for Farm
but the loader has become such a familiar sight on
the farm, paired with farm tractors, that it seemed a reasonable
part of the mix. Hank Will jumps in with both feet, tracing the
history of the Hough loader and Hough’s inventive genius, and takes
a look at today’s collectible, but fully functional loaders.

Something else you didn’t see on the show circuit: that white
stuff that sneaked onto the cover of this issue. Just
looking at it was a relief for us in the heat of late July, while
this issue was in production. But the next time we see snow, the
tables will be turned. No matter: When the February issue of
Farm Collector arrives, it’ll be full of your photos from
the 2006 show season … a happy reminder of summer in the middle of

Send us your best show photos by Nov. 1, and we’ll print all we
have space for. Send original prints (but make a copy as none will
be returned) or digital images (300 dpi or camera’s finest
setting). Include names of people in the photo if you can, tell us
when and where the photo was taken, and the name of the show, as
well as any relevant information. Be sure to provide the name of
the photographer, and include your name and phone number (or e-mail
address), in case we have questions. Send the photos to Farm
Show Photos, 1503 S.W. 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609.
Don’t miss this chance to showcase your show season favorites!

Leslie McManus, Editor

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