Letters to the Editor

My dad had one of these on the farm near Center Point, Iowa. In
your December issue (Farm Collector, page 4) it is
pictured upside down: The tines should point up. We would use it on
our sickle mower to windrow red clover for combining. It usually
was disassembled and hung in the rafters. We would put it together
and haul it to the hayfield on a hayrack. We’d make one pass around
the field, then bolt it to the sickle using a “V” shaped clamp,
using three guard bolts. Dragging it behind the mower at regular
speed created a rolling windrow that was really quite interesting
to watch. Clover would dry until it was nearly rotten before
combining. Very dirty job using an Allis 60 with a pick-up
attachment. There was good money in clover seed in those days.

Bob Denison,
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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