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I built this bird feeder using a hand-start 2-cylinder John
Deere tractor flywheel for the base. About 30 inches up the center
post, I rolled a piece of polished aluminum into an inverted funnel
and pop-riveted it to the post. It is so slick that squirrels
cannot climb it.

The main feeder is a no. 91 John Deere chain-driven fertilizer
box. It holds enough birdseed for most of the winter. With the flow
control almost fully open, it handles larger birdseed really well.
It even cracks corn as you turn the sprocket. Rotating the sprocket
either way a couple of revolutions is enough for a day’s

Under the box is a removable tray that catches the seed. It can
be taken out and cleaned when needed.

On the sides, I have two pieces of hollow oak tree trunks
hanging, filled with small seed that flows to the half-round oak
that I have bolted to the bottom. Another half-round on top keeps
out rain and snow.

Placed on top of the hangers on one side, I have a suet box and
on the other I have a sunflower head full of seed the birds can
peck at. On top of the fertilizer box I have a baby chick waterer
laying horizontal with a series of holes drilled in it. It is clear
plastic and I put kernel corn, peanuts and sunflower seeds in the
jar. A gas welding rod pierces through the top and out the bottom,
and another one through the water bowl is long enough to hold a
half ear of corn on each end. Then I built a stand with a tray
underneath to catch the seed. The chick waterer rotates freely when
the birds land on the ears of corn or peck at them, spilling seed
on the tray below.

I have had a lot of fun building it and watching the birds feed.
I think I have had most every bird in the whole county come for a

Bill Moore
P.O. Box 273
Sedalia, CO 80135

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