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While growing up, I was always around antique tractors. My dad,
Clifford, usually had a tractor of one brand or another to do small
farming. He used his tractors for gardening, bush-hogging and
hauling firewood.

In 2003, he was diagnosed with colon cancer and fought it for a
year or so until he passed away. In this short year, he wanted me
and my brother, Danny, to have his 1953 Ford Golden Jubilee (above)
and 1971 International Cub (left). I already owned a 1953 Farmall
Cub so my brother got the Cub and I got the Jubilee. Dad wanted to
give these tractors to us but his life was running short and the
hospital bills were steadily coming. So my brother and I purchased
these tractors from Dad to help with the medical bills.

When I took the Jubilee home, I knew it would be one of the most
treasured things I would keep in honor of my late father. I have
used it the last couple of years in the fields bush-hogging and
discing. The Jubilee has a 31 hp Red Tiger engine and handles
5-foot implements very well. I have longed to restore the Jubilee
to show and parade. Finally, the day came and I had the Jubilee
repainted by a co-worker and friend. My wife, Sandy, detailed the
background painting of the medallion on the nose of this

I will be driving the Jubilee with my head held high for I know
my dad is smiling down and a part of him is riding with me.

Tommy Burchett
Gordo, Ala.
e-mail: tommy.burchett@zf.com

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