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I have been reading Farm Collector for two-plus years
and enjoy it very much. Of particular interest are the articles by
Sam Moore and Delbert Trew. In the April 2006 issue they, again,
have nice advertising clips of early day devices.

This is a reproduction of the front and back of an old sales
promotion card, made from the original owned by my brother in
Newark, Ill. Is it more than a little amazing that St. Paul
Harvester Works was using the female form to sell “Appleby” pattern
twine binders? Pretty “racy,” I thought, for that time in history.
(So much for the idea that shapely women first appeared in
automobile ads during the 1920s and 1930s!) After all, in 1882 my
grandmother was 2 years old, Montana was still 7 years and 3 months
away from statehood, and twin binders had only been around for
about 10 years.

I have not seen any other articles on St. Paul Harvester Works
in the many books and magazines that I have relating to antique or
vintage machinery. Could any contributors or readers fill us in on
the history of this company?

Robert C. Banderob
P.O. Box 82
Darby, MT 59829

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