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Here’s a photo of primitive wire twisting machines seen at the
Sedalia, Mo., Farm Expo at the Missouri State Fairgrounds. The
exhibit was put together by Harold Eddy, Slater, Mo. The exhibit is
demonstrated by Harold, his son Alan and Clifford Thompson. It was
very interesting to see how wire farm fences were made by hand and
machine. The machines were all made before 1900 and are

The photo shows a Kitselman fence machine on the left, which
makes a different type of woven wire. To the right, a wire twister
frame is shown that twists two wires. One has a barb applied by
hand pliers called barb-forming pliers. The Eddys are more than
happy to demonstrate all phases of the processes. This was the most
interesting and educational exhibit I saw at the 2006 antique
shows. My children really listened and learned.

Melinda Wallace
Leeton, Mo.

Editor’s note: Harold Eddy and his remarkable collection
were the subject of a cover story in the August 2005 edition of
Farm Collector.

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