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I found a very interesting scale on my farm. It sat on a cement
pad outside our barn and had wood and steel rails as to drive a
wagon over with crude cement ramps. It is encased in a very
primitive wooden box. I had to save it as it had been weathered and
worn; now it sits in my entryway. It is such a conversation piece
but I have not been able to find any information on it.

On the scale, it says, “Moline Plow Co. McDonald Pitless Scale
Branch Stoughton, Wis.” At some point there were letters in white
on the front and back of the cabinet, but I cannot make them out.
It goes to 8,000 pounds. The scale works and is in great shape. But
I cannot find a date of manufacture nor do I know anything about
it. I assume this was utilized by several farmers in the
surrounding community, as I cannot imagine it being used by just
one farmer.

I am interested in this as we have just been selected to be on
the annual all-Iowa barn tour and received an award of distinction
for restoring our huge barn. If anyone has information on this, let
me know. My husband and my dad both receive Farm Collector
and so enjoy it, as do I.

April Dwyer
774 480th St.
Linn Grove, IA 51033
e-mail: moonhill@webbwireless.net

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