Letters to the Editor

I’d like to add another complication to Sam Moore’s question
about Fate-Root-Heath history (Farm Collector, January
2006, page 5). He wanted to know whether there was an F-R-H tractor
between Plymouth and Silver King. Now, I don’t have a clue as to
that, but I did buy and wear out a Silver King chainsaw in the
1950s. Pretty good saw, direct-drive and used the same Power
Products engine that most saw makers were using. First saw I ever
owned that would run on its side. Well, was it F-R-H connected?
Anybody know? At the time I had the thing I was blissfully unaware
there was or had ever been a Silver King tractor, I knew of F-R-H
only through some industrial fans and blowers that carried that
name. Or is that another chapter maybe?

Also, does anyone have any information on a regular Cadillac of
a hand-powered corn sheller I’m trying to restore? Faintly on the
wooden side you can make out “made by Sandwich.” Pretty complicated
machine as such things go, has a 2-foot flywheel with a rim of
circular cross section. It’s a basket case, and while I seem to
have enough of the wood parts to restore it, I’d sure appreciate
some help on just what it is supposed to look like. It’s mostly
wood and cast iron and of a design and construction that suggests
the 1800s. Hope Sam finds his F-R-H missing link!

Bob Good
11572 Highway 43 S.
Harrison, AR 72601

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