Letters to the Editor :Back Down Memory Lane in a Model T Ford

The cartoon, “Memories of a Former Kid” (Farm Collector, April 2008, page 2), about the Model T Ford backing down the muddy road to the school because the low band was slipping and wouldn’t pull it going forward really rang a bell with me. My uncle Hank had an early 1920s Model T Ford with a round window in the back and one side door. It had a driver’s seat and a wide back seat.

Well, my great-aunt Suzie came to visit and Hank volunteered to take her around to visit friends. Being 4 years old, I thought I was too big to be cuddled and kissed by this woman but I always tagged along with anyone who would tolerate me.

We started out with Hank driving and Aunt Suzie and I filling up the back seat. We went down this hill and couldn’t make it up the next, so we rolled backward down the hill with Aunt Suzie screaming all the way. Then we backed up the hill to level ground, turned around, drove back to town and had the low band repaired.

Lyle Luloff
Independence, Iowa

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