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I recently purchased this tractor at an auction and I am looking
for an owner’s manual, and would like to know what the original
color should be. This is what is on the side of the tractor:
“Edgeton tractor No 502TN540 give tractor no. when writing factory.
Engine lubrication mix good grade 30 motor oil such as Mobil Oil A
with regular grade gasoline like Mobil gas. Mix in a separate
container before filling tractor gasoline tank see instruction book
for correct mixture. Transmission lubrication use a good high-grade
gear lubricant such as warm weather Mobil lube SAE 140. Cold
weather Mobil lube SAE 90. Standard Engine Co., Minneapolis,

Also, while out plowing the field one day, I uncovered this axe.
Part of the letters are worn off and I would like to know what it
says. Here is what I can see (I am not sure how many letters are in



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