Letters to the Editor: Not Everyone’s Online

In many of your articles all you have to get more information is a website or an e-mail. Do you realize there are lots of people like me who do not have a computer or Internet? Why can’t you put the person’s name and address with the article? Also, there are ads that you just have an e-mail or website. It sure doesn’t seem fair to the people who aren’t computer-age readers. Thanks for letting me air my problem.

Eugene R. Ferris
Washta, IA

Editor’s note: Good point, Eugene. That’s a very real problem for a lot of people. Here’s how we handle contact information: Authors and people featured in articles are given the option of determining what contact information will be published. Some collectors, for reasons of privacy and security, opt not to provide street addresses. Others fear a deluge of phone calls and so do not provide phone numbers. The content in paid advertisements is, of course, beyond our control. Readers who do not have an email addres or access to the Internet who’d like to connect with people featured in articles, or with the writers, are welcome to send letters to us and we will get them to the appropriate party. Hope that helps!

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