Letters to the Editor

Today I took time and really looked at the photo of the hay
loader behind the wagon (Farm Collector, March 2007, page

I learned how to load a hay loader when I was 14, and I drove a
team of horses too. But they were well trained for that kind of
work. You’d say gee, haw, woo (or is it whoo? I forget!). When we
got our first tractor, it didn’t understand those commands!

Our hay loader had cloth string. That’s not right, either. I
can’t remember what it was called. Every 12 inches there was a
1-inch stick about 5 feet long across all the way around the
loader. The sky got blue when a stick went in and the rope

I thank you kindly for showing these pictures that make a person
smile while remembering yesterday’s life. I really enjoy Farm

Quentin Trombley
Chester, Vt.

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