Letters to the Editor

The article on page 22 of the April 2005 issue of Farm
titled “Oh Baby” caught my eye. We too had a “Red
Baby” International truck. My father, the late L.E. Scott, started
Scott Supply Co. in Mt. Vernon, S.D., selling International
Harvester machinery. He purchased a new 1921 Red Baby truck and
used it to canvass the country. The business continues to this date
and is located in Mitchell, S.D., which is 12 miles east of Mt.
Vernon in southeastern South Dakota. I am a retired 91-year-old and
still go to the business a couple of times a day. My two sons, Bob
and John, and grandson, Chris, run the business. I remember well
riding in the truck; I wish I still had it today.

Wallace Scott
Scott Supply Co.
1500 W. Hanson
Mitchell, SD 57301
(605) 996-1600

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