Letters to the Editor

Concerning the center photo, top of page 4 (Farm
, August 2006), I once owned a REO Lawnmower. It was
equipped with a REO engine (I believe), and the piston operated at
a 45-degree angle. A neighbor (about 45 or more years ago) had a
REO rotary self-propelled lawnmower. I believe the blade and the
wheels were each driven with separate small flat belts.

I am looking for information, literature and/or an owner’s
manual for a 1973 Bonanza tandem axle R.V. travel trailer (20-foot
plus hitch). I traded for it but got no information. Can anyone
help? A photocopy is fine.

I am a collector of sorts, primarily camping equipment such as
old gas-fueled camping lanterns and liquid gas-fueled camping
stoves. A short time ago, I took inventory of R.V. units here on
the farm. It totaled 13, including two units stored here by my son
and my son-in-law. We got into serious camping about 30 years ago.
Nothing all that new, nothing all that large – just have fun!
(After college, I worked in the industry for six years. This year
is my 43rd year of farming.)

Herbert Wodtke
R.R. 1, Box 49
Loogootee, IL 62857

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