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This is my all-original, low-hour 1972 Oliver 1555 with New Idea
loader parked in front of our melon patch. I know it’s not an
antique, but she’s a beauty! This tractor was one of many ordered
by a dealer in South Dakota set up as a “loader special,” with a
straight 6-speed and no 3-point. At that time, a lot of loaders
were being put on higher horsepower tractors and this was an
inexpensive way to get a new tractor over 50 hp to push snow, load
manure and move bales.

I would like to find out who the dealer was and location, so if
any readers know please contact me at Antiquetractor source.com. I
want to write an article on the Oliver 1500 Series. I purchased
this 1555 in April 2005. Since 1980, it has never been out
overnight, and it has been washed and waxed at least once each
year! I am hoping to find a 3-14 or 3-116 hydraulic lift plow to
match my 1555 to plow our water and muskmelon patch next

If anyone else out there has a “loader special,” please contact
me. Thanks for producing a magazine dedicated to preserving and
celebrating our agricultural heritage.

Bryan Ebbenga
Mankato, Minn.
e-mail: bryan@antiquetractorsource.com

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