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This 1970 IHC 1456, serial no. 11444, was in kind of sad shape
when I found it. I really wanted to return it to its original
factory condition, so I started at the front and went to the back.
The front end was so loose I could hardly drive it home. It was a
scary 15 miles. After the front end was overhauled, all the hoods
and shields had to be removed. The wiring harnesses were in really
bad condition, so I replaced all of them. Even the wiring under the
dash was totally shot. With the help of a wiring diagram and my
memory, that job was completed.

Next, the cab had to come off and all the tires needed to be
replaced. I found original flat top fenders and lights at a local
scrap yard. There were several dents to be removed in the fenders.
The 3-point had a lot of wear so I repaired it. There were several
oil leaks to repair, adjustments to make and parts to be
straightened or replaced. I got the IHC running well and completely
serviced after six months.

Stripping the paint and cleaning the grease and oil proved to be
a job in itself. After primer, several coats of paint and decals it
turned out to be my favorite restoration project ever. It took over
a year of work to complete.

My other restoration projects include a Farmall Super A, Farmall
Super MTA, International WD-9, 806 diesel, 1256 diesel, Cadet 682
and the IHC 1456.

I would enjoy hearing from other IH tractor enthusiasts about
any of these tractors.

Loren W. Hoatson
300258 CR K
Manatare, NE 69356
(308) 783-1256
e-mail: lhoatson@horizonwestinc.com

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